Saturday, September 1, 2012

A welcome dinner for the Burns at the mission home.  They just arrived.  They are from Meadow, Utah.  They are the first full time humanitarian couple in the Sierra Leone, Freetown mission.  Elder and Sister Burns back left.  Elder and Sister Randall front left.  Elder and Sister Lauritzen back right.  President and Sister Roggia front right.  Sister Lauritzen made taco soup.  Sister Randall made buttered toast and oatmeal cookies.  It was a delicious dinner.

 Sister Lauritzen sifting flour through a colander.  She made three chocolate cakes for the zone conferences last week.  Everyone raved about them.  The mission president said, "For a moment I thought I was somewhere else."

 Someone had to clean the beaters.

Elders Hales and Symons and Sister Lauritzen in front of the mission office.  The Elders serve in the Hill Station district.  They are always cheerful ... you can see it in this picture.  Elder Hales is from Spanish Fork.  We had to make sure his picture was in here for his mother.  He says, "Hi, Mom."

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