Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Coming Home January 7th, 2014

 President Abibu Charles. S&I Director and counselor in the Freetown
Stake presidency. A great man and a good friend.

Elder and Sister Kanzler, President and Sister Ostler, us and Sister and Elder Burns.

 Lunch and a brief moment for sharing testimonies at the office before we left.

  Waiting at the Sea Coach dock.

  Elder Nwuso and Elder Sumrak were the president's assistants.

 On the way to Lungi Airport the assistants tried to teach an unreceptive passenger.

We arrived at Accra on time, but the flight to New York was delayed six hours for weather. When we arrived at JFK International we had to scramble to get standby seats to Salt Lake City. We got our seats at the last minute. When we arrived in Salt Lake it was late in the evening, but Ben was there waiting for us. 

It was a wonderful mission, filled with trials and adventures and spiritual experiences and it was so good to be home with our family.

Sugar Loaf Mountain

 Hike to Sugar Loaf Mountain, January 1st, 2014.

A jungle trail.

 Trail marker on a tree.

 Not much of a trail.

 Another trail marker.

 The flat thing in the lower center of the picture is a vertical ribbed root to a tree.

 Marlene overlooking Freetown. The US embassy is visible between the two green patches in the center of the picture.

 Marlene overlooking the Guma forest.

 Ductile at the bottom of the trail. Marlene likes pipe.

One of several steep rock faces we had to climb.

New Hill Station Chapel

 Assembling the new Hill Station chapel organ.

 A nice new baptismal font at Hill Station.

 Waiting for baptisms to start.

 Elder Penia on the left next to Bishop Nyalopo. Elder Wootton on the right.

 New file cabinets from the United Arab Emirates. "Some assembly required"
and no instructions provided.

 Gospel Essentials classroom.

 Font water storage tank.

 Generator room.

 High speed handicapped ramp.


Stairway to chapel.