Friday, February 22, 2013

Sister Lauritzen at the Freetown East Zone conference yesterday.  Sister Roggia took the picture.  

Monday, February 18, 2013

Toured the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary just outside of Freetown.  US Fish and Wildlife Service is one of the sponsors.

 Waiting for the tour so Marlene was taking pictures of everything.

 Jack fruit the size of a basketball.

 Marlene loved these flowers.  It was a big bush filled with blossoms.

 On the trail to see monkeys.  Walk fast and don't make eye contact with the chimps.  They were throwing rocks at us as we passed their enclosures.

 Freetown waterfall in dry season.

 The brown patches are chimp nests.  Every night they make a new nest.  They were defoliating the sanctuary so now the workers put bananas in cages to lure the monkeys in for the night.

 Monkey up a tree.  They like to throw rocks at the visitors.  A monkey put a big rock in his mouth and climbed a tall tree next to us.  The tour guide hustled us out of the area before the monkey had a chance to launch his rock.

 Looks like fun.

 Feeding a group of monkeys palm nuts.

Barrel of monkeys?

 Jurassic Park style electric fence ... for good reason.  A full grown chimp is five times as strong as a man.

 Our Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary tour group from left to right... Elder and Sister Lauritzen, Doctor and Mrs. Jensen from Pocatello, Sister and Elder Burns and Doctor Lind from Alpine.  Doctors Jensen and Lind were here on a short term humanitarian mission for the church giving neo-natal resuscitation training.

Authentic African tourist junk.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

 Elder Wuthrich's last day in the Wellington 2nd District.  Left to right:  Elders Donaldson, Richards, Liufau, Wuthrich and Lauritzen.  The young missionaries in this picture are an exceptionally fine bunch.

Elder Wuthrich said goodbye to his Wellington 2nd Branch choir.  They loved him.  The girls were in tears.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Went to the Kissy chapel today so Sister Lauritzen could train the Freetown East Districy YW leaders.  They were having a Pentacostal wedding in the parking lot with very loud music.  Then we delivered a bunk bed to the Grafton apartment.  We came home on the back road where Marlene found a lady selling cucumbers and tomatoes.  Most tomatoes here are ping pong ball size and they are green.  Marlene was very excited to find these.  I wasn't as excited.

 The new Freetown Stake temple trip left for Accra yesterday.  A bus came from Accra but broke down just outside of Freetown the day before they were scheduled to leave.  Another bus was dispatched from Liberia but it didn't arrive till a day later.  In the mean time many of the 48 members camped out at the stake center.  They cooked their meals on charcoal stoves and slept on the floor in the stake offices.

 The baby in back is one month old.  The trip takes five days.  When the bus driver gets sleepy they pull over and fix their meals and sleep on the bus or on the ground.  How would you like to try that with two little ones?

 When the bus finally arrived everyone was anxious to get going.  All of their gear had to be tied onto the top of the bus.

 Tires are always an attraction for kids.


 This sister hurried onto the bus.  She said:  "I am so happy.  I am going to the temple!"

 Getting everything organized for the journey.

Aren't boxes great?