Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dinner with the Carlos family.  Elder Asiedu, Sister Carlos, Brother Carlos, Sister Lauritzen and Elder McDonald.  Brother Carlos was showing us potential apartments for elders in Waterloo and his wife made us dinner.  It was chicken and fresh herring on rice served family style.  It was cooked over charcoal in a corner of their small front porch.  Sister Carlos did not eat with us.  It's their custom to put guests first and there was limited space around the plate of food.  There were five spoons around the dish and we all sat in a circle on benches in a little room.  There was no light in the room except what came through the window and door.  It took a little courage to dig in, but we bravely did.  It was good.  Elder McDonald explained to Sister Lauritzen beforehand that when you are eating family style and you get a mouthful of small fish bones it's best to just swallow it.  Brother Carlos told us stories as we ate.  We laughed and had a fun time.

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  1. Brother and Sister Laurizten, I am so excited to hear about your blog and be able to see a picture of my son, Elder McDonald. I am also excited to be able to see pictures of the area where he is serving. Thank you so much for watching over my son and the sons and daughters of faithful parents. I appreciate your service and dedication to these missionaries and the gospel. I pray for your guidance and strength to carry on the work of our Savior and watching over our boys. Thank you, Sister Jensen