Sunday, September 9, 2012

 Driving to the mission office this week we saw people by the side of the road looking across the valley.  Just behind the top of the rusty pillar you can see that half of a house collapsed ... probably from the heavy rain that has been pounding us since we've been here.

 This is the Freetown Ferry at Government Pier.  We just dropped off two new missionaries on their way to the MTC in Accra.  They're in the white bus.  One was excited and the other was nervous.  They go across the mouth of the Sierra Leone River to Lungi Airport.  We were trapped at the pier for an hour due to the heavy traffic.  The ferry was full and they were turning people away so it got very congested.

 We went for a walk today after church in Wellington.  We watched a football match in the cistern for a while.  On the way back we passed this little fellow pulling his train along the road.  He proudly posed with it.  The cars are sardine cans with plastic bottle cap tires.  The axles are nails.  We've seen these home made cars before.  Very creative and doesn't he look proud of it.

 We visited the Aberdeen Island water taxi.  Sometimes we use this taxi to get to and from the airport.  They have real boats, but we liked this sign by the only jet ski we have seen in Sierra Leone ... Sea Coach Express.  You'd have to be pretty brave to take that jet ski across the river.

This is Pademba Road.  The mission office is just up the road to the right.  This is the only intersection in Sierra Leone with signal lights.  They haven't worked for as long as anyone can remember.  You can see the traffic policeman in the center.  Motorcycles (okadas) and taxis everywhere.  There are a few road rules for the cars ... none for the motorcycles.

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