Saturday, September 1, 2012

 Time to change the number one filter in our filter system.  We catch the rain from the roof in big tanks and run it through these filters before we drink it.  Filling up water bottles is part of the daily routine.

This filter was pure white two months ago.  It's a good system.


  1. Sister Lauritzen, This is Elder Sumrak's mom. He wrote in his letter today that for Zone Conference you had made crazy cake which was especially delicious. Just wanted you to know how thankful I am that you and your husband are serving in Sierra Leone. Thank you for your kindness! I enjoy looking at your pictures and videos - thanks for sharing. With love, Lisa Sumrak

    1. Sister Sumrak - We really enjoy your son. He is always cheerful and so supportive of his companion. He always has his arm around him and cheering him on. He was so excited about the chocolate cake. He wanted the recipe and asked me how I made it. He was so grateful to have had a piece of chocolate cake! Out of all the missionaries I think he loved it the very most. I was afraid the cost of the cake pan would be too expensive so I encouraged him to live with the "memory" or the cake until I was able to bake it again for them. He is a wonderful missionary and we are uplifted by his smiles and greetings. You have a terrific son doing a tremendous job here. We will keep an eye on him for you.
      Sister Lauritzen