Monday, October 28, 2013

A walk to Fourah Bay College

 Laundry day. After washing with a "brooking board" (washboard) in the stream the clothes are turned inside-out and draped anywhere to dry.

 The home in the foreground is called a pan body. The one in the background is made mostly of  blocks made on site from sand and cement.

 I looked up at an old dead tree and told Marlene all it needed was a vulture. She pointed to the tree next to it. It had a genuine African vulture in it.

 We walked to Fourah Bay College. It was established in 1827 by a British religious society. It is beautifully laid out with buried electric cables and attractive landscaping. Hedgerows grow alongside the roads. It's all very run down now, but it's still very inviting.

This is the local service station. It's actually the nicest hand-pumped gas station we have seen. They wondered why we wanted a picture. We assured them it was just for us. Then it was okay.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A walk down New London Road to Glaucester


 Gardens in Glaucester.

 Unusual sign

 Children getting water.

 Getting ready for a party. People here love loud speakers.

 Looking out over Freetown from Leicester Peak.


 Hand cracked rock piles.

 Mariatu (lower left) and other kids in the commune below our house.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Walka Walka

 Elder Narteh's last day. He is going to finish his mission at home due to medical reasons.

 As we went for our walk today we met Aminatu along the way. She was picking leaves used for a toothache remedy. She didn't know what the plant was called.

 Two girls on their way down the hill to the stream to get water.

 This is Bomba, the village bouncer. He wants a soccer ball for the village boys.

 Friendly neighbors in Bomba's village always say hello and want to talk.

 We walk this road frequently for exercise.

 It's bath time and supper time. The girl with the pole was mashing peppers (peppay) and onions to cook and serve over rice.

 This family was preparing an herbal tea for malaria. We ran into four people with malaria on our walk. I guess the end of the rainy season must be malaria season. He is an unemployed driver. Their house was very clean.

 The kids along the way want to twirl.

 I like the Tarzan outfit.

The shirtless man on the right is the community chairman and it appeared the others were the village elders. They wanted financial help for their community.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Departing Elders - Burton/Wolfgramm/Walker

 Mission departure day for Elders Burton, Walker and Wolfgramm. They picked up lessons to share on the way home.

 The last trek down the path in front of the mission office.

 Loading up the van on the way to Sea Coach.

On the right is the president's new tall assistant, Elder Nwosu from Nigeria.