Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Mission Home Progress

 New concrete path in front of the mission office.

 Mission home now has a roof, soffit and some stone on the front at the bottom level. That may change.

 Marlene's Primary kids having an after Primary lesson in the back of our pickup.

 Plaster of Paris crown molding on all levels of the new mission home ... including the garage.

 Pile up two rows of POP on a smooth board and drag the cookie cutter across the top. Instant crown molding.

 After five minutes the POP is dry enough to lift off of the board.

 Hang it up to finish drying.

 Cut it with a saw.

 After running all of the electrical conduits across the floor it is all covered in four inches of sand/cement mix.

 The little mound in the corner is what they use to tell them how much cement mix to put down.

 They are starting the back retaining wall. It goes up about twelve feet.

 Seth is the on-site project boss. He's from Accra.

Elder Richards has finished his mission and is on his way home to South Jordan tomorrow. We have really enjoyed him. He was my teaching companion.

Monday, November 4, 2013

P day haircuts


 It's Monday and that's P day. We usually have one or two elders come into the office for a haircut. Elder Bogh just wanted a trim. I trimmed off about 2 pounds.

Elder Eshun pointed to his nearly bald companion and said, "I want to look like him." He said, "It's hot and my head needs air."

Bomba (on the right) and his friends are always asking for new a football. Today they settled for a picture.