Friday, September 28, 2012

 Had a flat tire.  Took it to the local version of Big O.  They did the whole job with a couple of steel rods and an iron block.  The compressor is behind the man in the pale blue shirt.  It looked and sounded like the boiler from the African Queen, complete with old oily rags tied around the pipes to hold pressure.  The patch was done with a 2" diameter chunk of inner tube, glued to the inside of the tire.  They had no pressure gauge.  The worker removed the valve core, pushed the hose over the valve stem and filled until it seemed right.  Then he held his finger over the valve stem as he quickly reinserted the valve core.  We have driven it many miles and it's still holding.

 Coconuts from the mission office trees.

 Siaka skinning a coconut so we can drink the milk.

 Elder Appleby downing the coconut milk.

 Sister Lauritzen thought it was "okay."  I love it.

 It was transfer time and we took a load of elders to Bo.  The school kids here all wear uniforms.  This group of girls just got out of school in Bo.

 There are lots of shacks with grass roofs in the interior part of Sierra Leone.

  Cows in Grafton on their way to market in Freetown.  Their horns are all tied together and they walk line abreast for miles.

Cattle stopping in the road for a rest.

 Back on their way.

Another moving day.  We moved the Wellington elders to their new apartment in Allen Town.  Marlene liked  all of the flowers.

This is the view from the Allen Town apartment porch.

The Allen Town elders, Markus and me.

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