Thursday, June 13, 2013

 Five departing missionaries with assistants as bookends. We were invited to a special evening at the mission home to hear their last missionary testimonies. They all worked hard, had many converts and are returning home much stronger than they came. We spent a good deal of time with Elders Barth (red tie) and Otaniyuwa (holding the RWH plaque) as assistants. We will miss them all.

 The assistants, Elders Wolfgramm and Liufau. They work hard and love their work.

 Elder Dickson with President and Sister Roggia. All of them leave us the first of July. Elder Dickson is the oldest Seventy and goes emeritus in a few weeks. He is a very gentle, humble man with a powerful testimony and a great love of people. He has spent 21 years as a Seventy and now gets to go home.

 Elders standing in line to shake hands with Elder Dickson.

 The beach across the road from the hovercraft.

Evening arrives at the hovercraft dock.

Sister and President Roggia getting ready to depart on their last trip to Liberia. Liberia becomes its own mission on the first of July and the Roggias go home the same day.

 Now that's a grasshopper!

Sister Lauritzen was wondering if people eat these things. It looks like one would make a meal. At least you probably wouldn't want to eat another.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Elder Serafine did a great job accompanying the missionary choir for Freetown Stake conference on June 2nd. It's the first stake conference for the church's 3,000th stake.

This is the Miatta Center in Freetown where stake conference was held. This picture is fuzzy because the room was dark. The brilliancy of the lights in the picture is misleading. The room and the foyer ended up being packed with 950 in attendance. Sister Lauritzen led the missionary choir which was sitting in the balcony at the back of the hall. We could barely hear the organ and I think the people in front could barely hear us. But it was a great conference. President and Sister Roggia bore their testimonies and left a charge with the people to be committed to Christ and to be faithful going forward. The Roggias have been here three years and leave at the end of this month. They have seen 6,000 new converts in their area of responsibility and the establishment of the first stake in Sierra Leone ... an amazing legacy. Everyone here will miss them.

Elder Richards ... a great young man from Jon's neighborhood. We love his energy and his sense of humor.

Super P-day for the Freetown Zone at the beach. The theme for the year is "Leading as the Savior Led".

The whole zone is lined up for a snap shot of them jumping.

Sister Roggia snapped us as we tried to jump like the young missionaries.

Old man on the beach. It's been a year since we last spent time here.

President Roggia (Army) and Elder Lauritzen (Air Force) talking military strategy.

President and Sister Roggia ... They kinda like each other.

We watched this crew hauling in their nets on the beach. They showed us the fish they caught. There was a tiny red snapper, a lobster, a "swamp fish" that looked like a catfish, some shrimp and a bunch of others. The fellow squatting on the right was trying to talk to us in broken English. I asked the fellow on the left in blue shorts who spoke very good English what the other man said. He said, "I don't know. It was nonsense". He was probably saying we look like tourists and asking if we want to buy his fish?

Markus, Elder and Sister Kanzler.

Sister Lauritzen was playing with the camera.

Sister Lauritzen is always having fun. Today was no exception.