Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sierra Leone kids play Akra

After church today the kids were playing in the parking lot at Belliar Park. The game is called Akra (emphasis on "kra"). The leader is challenging the responding player. When the leader moves a foot forward, the other player must move the same foot forward in response. If the responding player gets it right two times in a row he becomes the leader. All the other foot movement is just deception to mislead the other player. Every time they match the foot movement they get ten points. First one to one hundred wins.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Elephant Flour

 Went shopping today. Marlene asked what I thought this was. I told her it was ground up desiccated elephant ... a bargain at 28,500 Leones for five pounds. She wouldn't buy it.

A new ATM is going in at our gas station. That's huge progress in Sierra Leone. There are only a few in the city. Leicester (pronounced - lester) Peak in the background.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Time to Refuel the Generators

 Elder Wootton got his Sierra Leone driver's license and had to try it out.

 So he turned the truck around with Elder Woolfgram's help.

 A new way to fill our generator diesel tank ... they used a pump. 

 Filling the 500 gallon tank.

 My favorite supervisor.

This is the mission home that was supposed to be ready to occupy on the 6th of September. The roof trusses are finally up.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tri-zone Conference at Belliar Park

Elder Curtis (red tie) and his wife were here for a mission tour. Yesterday they had a zone conference in Bo and Kenema. Today they were with us in Freetown.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

 The kids were swimming in the stream today. When we walked by their home some of the kids rushed up and gave us hugs.

 Nancy was very pregnant and wanted her picture taken. She led us to the compound where she lives and she made us wait while she ran inside and got a photo of herself to show Sister Lauritzen.

Mohamed walked part of the way with us today. He asked us to get him a bicycle when we go back to America. He was carrying dinner for his mother ... cooked rice, bean sauce and chicken.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

 We went for a walk today after church. This cistern collects the rainwater in rainy season. In dry season they have to walk a long distance to get water from a small stream. The few stalks of corn behind it look healthy.

 We frequently meet Chris Johnson on our walks. He is a marathon runner. 

 Marlene wanted a picture of the little boy with the yellow sun visor on backwards. All the other kids wanted their picture taken too.

 This bashful girl came up to us and it was apparent she wanted her picture taken too.

 There was a neighborhood football game in the street. We watched for a while along with this man and his little girl. The little girl was afraid of us but when she saw her "snap" she smiled.

 A young lady we met along the way walking by herself.

 We pass this lady on our walks and every time she sees us she waves and says "kushe" (pronounced - kooshay, means - hello). We stopped and spoke with her today. Her name is Kadee (pronounced "caw-dee" with emphasis on "dee".)

Here is Kadee on her balcony where she sits every day watching over her neighborhood.

 Marlene and I took Elder John A. Koranteng to church with us and then delivered him to Sea Coach to catch his flight back to Accra. He is a new Area Seventy over Sierra Leone. We were very impressed by his down-to-earth thinking and his excellent English. He went to college in Norway. I asked if he ate lutefisk and he said "It isn't very pleasant." He is right.

Elder Koranteng took a picture of us at the Belliar Park chapel.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

 At the stream below the mission home it was wash day. The mother was busy scrubbing with her "brooking board" while the kids bathed.

 We buy our ground nuts (peanuts) from the lady in the orange blouse (Isatu - pronounced I-saw-too) at a stand near the mission home. She roasts the nuts in a large metal bowl over a charcoal fire. They are very good.

The two on the left were grinding casava leaf. Usually it is chopped by hand. The casava leaf is cooked with spices and served over rice. Everyone seems to love it. We have eaten roasted casava root. It is good.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

 Road to Grafton just below "Washca" is washed out. Had to turn around and take a big detour. Washca is the name of every location along the road where there is water and young men gather to wash cars for money.

 New bridge out of Grafton with temporary cover for the rainy season.

 Elders Mills and Dancan at the Grafton apartment. We took Elder Dancan back with us. He's headed to Bo.

 Elders Pond and Manzini at Grafton. Elder Manzini is on his way to Bo.

 Coming back to Freetown we had to take another detour along Fourabay Road. This part is narrow and very congested.

 We finally got to the clock tower at Eastern Police and thought we were almost home. Then we got sent on another detour through the center of the city.

Our last detour through Freetown just before Siaka Stevens Street. This is a Sunday afternoon and the vendors and everyone else were crowded into the streets.

 Alpha Koroma, Marlene's first piano student to play in church. Marlene led the singing as he accompanied the Hill Station Ward today on three numbers and did very well. He was thrilled. The bishop was proud of him and said he is the new ward organist. That is Elder Mongolo in the background. He is from South Africa.

Martha and her sister. Martha was baptized yesterday and confirmed today along with three others. She was very happy.