Thursday, October 4, 2012

 Time to get fuel for the mission home generator.  We couldn't find anyone to deliver and we were getting desperate.  Then we found Zion Service ... no kidding.  In God We Trust is their slogan and they deliver.  We consider them a bit of a miracle.  Six men came in two trucks with 90 five-gallon jugs full of diesel.

 Up the ladder to the fuel tank.

The most impressive part of the operation was the home-made funnel they brought with them.  It was huge!  Most of the time two men were emptying jugs into the funnel at the same time.  The tank is full now and we are good to go for another month.  The bill was over 9 million leones (about $2,000).  That's expensive but the generator is the only source of electricity at the mission home.

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