Sunday, July 7, 2013

Little Michael

 We stopped to get some things at the small provision shop down the street from the mission home. Kids had turned box straps into a game. They had to jump over the straps in turn. The kids on the end kept raising the straps to see who could jump the highest.

 They are all pals.

 Richard Carlos and his wife, Zainab, had a baby last month. They said they would name their baby Marlene if it was a girl and Michael if it was a boy. His name is Michael and they blessed him today.

This little guy came walking into church in search of a friend. It found an elder and was very happy with him. It spent some time in his pocket where it fell asleep. But missionaries can't have pets so he had to go on his way after meetings


  1. You have a namesake there in Sierra Leone! Congratulations! Love this post! Thanks for keeping us in the Sierra Leone loop.

  2. We love the name of Michael...He has a good example to follow... :-)