Friday, August 16, 2013

 Elders Nickle, Donaldson and Stewart on their way home. Great missionaries.

 Goat on a rock.

 This kids called hello and goodbye to us until we were out of sight.

 When we go for walks we have to ford this little stream. The water is high now that it's the rainy season and someone keeps moving our stepping stones. This family lives by the stream and they are always excited to see us. They put some rocks in place for us to step on and helped Marlene across. Then they all lined up for a "snap".

 This football team was practicing. Their young coach asked us to stop and watch, so we did. They are all very good and they know how to play on a gravel-covered hillside.

 The president's assistants, Elders Wootton, Wolfgramm and Elder Liufau, made me a birthday card and a cookie. That is Yayah Sanoh with the black hat. He is over facilities for the area.


Sister Lauritzen helped Elder Wootton with a picture of a jet. It's the wrong one. Humph!

 The "cookie?" Elder Liufau made it. It was a cinnamon sugar cookie and it was a bit tough, but good. One of those goes a long way.

 President and Sister Ostler returning from their first trip to Accra. Sister Ostler is taking a picture of Sister Lauritzen taking a picture of Sister Ostler.

 August 15th, 2013. Making a birthday pepperoni pizza.

 It was perfect!

 Rainy season in Sierra Leone.

 Deep puddles on a muddy and narrow road in front of the mission office. The road is usually very crowded with people, motorcycles, and Coca Cola trucks.

 My birthday tie from Ryan and Rachel and our new printer. That's a box of African Kleenex. It's a knockoff called Cleenex.

 Rainy season has really slowed work on the new mission home.

 Foliage in front of the mission office.

 The bee tree next to the office driveway.  The bees lived in the crack. They were very aggressive, but all the construction has driven them away.

 Inside the bee tree the honeycomb is barely visible.

DHL always delivers our shipments to the lower driveway. Sister Lauritzen was carrying them up to the office African style.


  1. Your pictures of the muddy water running down the street is reminiscent of the same kind of scene we have been having here in Manitou Springs. Due to the burned off area, rain water just gushes down. The TV news for the past week has showed cars bobbing down highway 24 on a stream of more mud than water. It has indeed been a strange weather season.

  2. Again, I love your blog. Thanks for sharing. It makes me feel much closer to you and makes me marvel at the service you are proving. Stay dry.