Monday, July 1, 2013

Bat Attack

We were quietly finishing our supper of potato soup and cornbread when we saw a shadow passing the doorway to our living room. When it passed again we got up to investigate. Good thing Marlene put extra garlic in the soup ... it was a bat. We opened the hallway door and a window and tried to chase him out. He wasn't having any of it. We could hear the guards outside laughing at us. He circled and swooped as we kept trying to herd him out. Every time he landed for a rest we went after him again. He finally flew out into the hall and we closed the doors behind him. I opened the outside door but he went upstairs instead and circled around in front of the president's door. We opened the balcony door and kept up our attack. Marlene had a broom and I had a wicker fan. I swatted him a couple of times and he seemed to be getting tired when he finally went out on the  balcony. I closed the door behind him. The guards said "It's a bat!" Yessir, they were right. 


  1. I can completely picture this! Wish I had been there to see it!

  2. Elder Randall wonders if you couldn't get something more interesting to chase with a broom . . . a "tief" maybe?