Friday, July 5, 2013

Walking to Dwarzak

 We had nothing big scheduled at the office today and we had no vehicle so we decided to walk from the mission home to the office, down the side of the mountain. We knew generally where to go but asked directions on our way. We got one bum steer but found someone else who redirected us. There are trails and shacks everywhere but everyone was happy to guide us. Half way down the mountain we met a gentleman and he helped Marlene down the steep spots. I paid him 10,000 leones (about $2.50) for guiding us and he gave me a big hug. The trip took an hour and a half.

  When we took a picture along the way, everyone wanted their picture taken. This gang was no exception.

  It was a beautiful mountain trail ... a little muddy and slippery because of the rain.

  Mud shack with a zinc roof. Corrugated tin is called zinc.

 The little girl had been crying so she looks pretty sad. Cats are uncommon.

 We liked this rocky stream.

 She said: "How de day?" "Fine" is de answer.

Cute kids along the trail.

A princess in her fancy gown. Flip-flops instead of glass slippers. Much more practical here.


  1. I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It opens windows on a whole different world. One minute I envy your experience and the next I am grateful that we have all that keeps us so comfortable here. Please keep up the pictures. I love it.

  2. You are the most adventurous senior couple I know. I can't believe you walked down the mountain to the office. What an adventure, but what a memory, and "it's all about the memories." Love all of these pictures. They tell the story of Sierra Leone.