Wednesday, August 8, 2012

 Emmanuel Momoh, Elder Lauritzen and Elder Ameworlor in Choithram's Memorial Hospital.  Elder Ameworlor was sick and his roommate, Emmanuel, was interested in the gospel.  Emmanuel is from Koidu Town in Kono District.  He is a metallurgist at a diamond mine.  He says he gets xrayed every day when he leaves work to check for diamonds.  He was in the hospital for an infected accidental machete wound in his leg.  It's pronounced ma-chets.  Emmanuel was very interested in the gospel.  Gave him a B of M and tracts.  

 Elder Lauritzen and Sahr Doe.  Sahr is the Physical Facilities Director for Sierra Leone.  He had just been to the U.S. Embassy trying to get a visa so he was dressed in his best.

Look at those shoes!  I told him if he only had a magic carpet he'd be all set.  

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