Saturday, August 17, 2013

All-Africa Service Day 17 Aug 13

Aberdeen beach was divided so each ward in the Freetown Stake could take a section to clean. We joined the Hill Station Ward. There was some fun along with hours of work.

 When we started there was a driving rain so we were all soaked. The heavy rain came and went. The locals were freezing. We thought the temperature was very nice.

 There is no garbage service in this city of 2 1/2 million people so the trash comes down to the ocean in the streams and washes up on the beach. We must have picked up a thousand flip-flops.

 Marlene wanted a picture of the Latter-day Saints working around the "God Bless Islam" fishing boat.

 One of the young women in the Hill Station Ward who liked working beside Marlene.

 The man at the back is Barnard Jamirez. Marlene is giving him piano lessons on Saturdays.

 The girls were acting goofy.

Following a taxi back up the hill to the mission home. They don't pack light.

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