Sunday, September 8, 2013

 We went for a walk today after church. This cistern collects the rainwater in rainy season. In dry season they have to walk a long distance to get water from a small stream. The few stalks of corn behind it look healthy.

 We frequently meet Chris Johnson on our walks. He is a marathon runner. 

 Marlene wanted a picture of the little boy with the yellow sun visor on backwards. All the other kids wanted their picture taken too.

 This bashful girl came up to us and it was apparent she wanted her picture taken too.

 There was a neighborhood football game in the street. We watched for a while along with this man and his little girl. The little girl was afraid of us but when she saw her "snap" she smiled.

 A young lady we met along the way walking by herself.

 We pass this lady on our walks and every time she sees us she waves and says "kushe" (pronounced - kooshay, means - hello). We stopped and spoke with her today. Her name is Kadee (pronounced "caw-dee" with emphasis on "dee".)

Here is Kadee on her balcony where she sits every day watching over her neighborhood.

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  1. In all of the pictures you have provided of the people and their children, they all look well-nourished and happy. They obviously live a more simple life -- one which we may envy. I confess that I expected to see a lot more poverty and under-nourishment. I'm glad to see it as you see it.