Sunday, September 1, 2013

 Road to Grafton just below "Washca" is washed out. Had to turn around and take a big detour. Washca is the name of every location along the road where there is water and young men gather to wash cars for money.

 New bridge out of Grafton with temporary cover for the rainy season.

 Elders Mills and Dancan at the Grafton apartment. We took Elder Dancan back with us. He's headed to Bo.

 Elders Pond and Manzini at Grafton. Elder Manzini is on his way to Bo.

 Coming back to Freetown we had to take another detour along Fourabay Road. This part is narrow and very congested.

 We finally got to the clock tower at Eastern Police and thought we were almost home. Then we got sent on another detour through the center of the city.

Our last detour through Freetown just before Siaka Stevens Street. This is a Sunday afternoon and the vendors and everyone else were crowded into the streets.

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  1. What do all of those people do for a living? Is it mostly agriculture?