Monday, February 18, 2013

Toured the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary just outside of Freetown.  US Fish and Wildlife Service is one of the sponsors.

 Waiting for the tour so Marlene was taking pictures of everything.

 Jack fruit the size of a basketball.

 Marlene loved these flowers.  It was a big bush filled with blossoms.

 On the trail to see monkeys.  Walk fast and don't make eye contact with the chimps.  They were throwing rocks at us as we passed their enclosures.

 Freetown waterfall in dry season.

 The brown patches are chimp nests.  Every night they make a new nest.  They were defoliating the sanctuary so now the workers put bananas in cages to lure the monkeys in for the night.

 Monkey up a tree.  They like to throw rocks at the visitors.  A monkey put a big rock in his mouth and climbed a tall tree next to us.  The tour guide hustled us out of the area before the monkey had a chance to launch his rock.

 Looks like fun.

 Feeding a group of monkeys palm nuts.

Barrel of monkeys?

 Jurassic Park style electric fence ... for good reason.  A full grown chimp is five times as strong as a man.

 Our Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary tour group from left to right... Elder and Sister Lauritzen, Doctor and Mrs. Jensen from Pocatello, Sister and Elder Burns and Doctor Lind from Alpine.  Doctors Jensen and Lind were here on a short term humanitarian mission for the church giving neo-natal resuscitation training.

Authentic African tourist junk.


  1. What is Jack fruit? Is it edible? Have you tasted it? Looks almost other-worldly.

    I am coveting your adventure and your opportunity to serve. God bless you both.

  2. We have never seen a jack fruit at a fruit stand. Wikipedia says it's edible but we haven't tried it.

  3. There were lots of jack fruits in Brazil. We would eat them every once in a while. They taste kind of like a slimy banana. You should try one!