Sunday, January 20, 2013

 This is the site of the new mission home at the mission office complex.  That's Albert, our guard, and that's a real CAT track hoe.  All of this area is red dirt and granite boulders.  Every time the track hoe took down a giant mango tree the mangoes went flying all over and all work stopped, including the track hoe operator, and everyone scrambled to gather the mangoes.

 Elder Richards, my companion for a day.  He's from Jon's stake in South Jordan and he's a great missionary.  He's stuck at the office while recuperating from hernia surgery so we went proselyting together.

Elder Randall and I are building some storage shelves for the office.  We had a divvel of a time getting this eight foot cabinet into the storage closet, but we finally squeezed it in.

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