Sunday, November 4, 2012

 Visited the Grafton polio camp after church.  There are about 400 people in the camp and 40 children in the polio camp orphanage.  Everyone has a job.  This little girl was washing clothes.  She isn't showing it here but she was thrilled to get her picture taken.

 More polio camp orphans helping with laundry.

 This little girl was using a traditional African broom to clean the area in front of the orphanage.  She seemed happy to be contributing.

 This little baby was born a month ago in the polio camp.  The mother died of malaria about two weeks later.  The lady in red agreed to be the surrogate mother.  She said, "I have a new son."

 This young man was ironing clothes using a charcoal heated iron.

 Elder and Sister Burns are our humanitarian service couple and they are trying to get wheel chairs that fit the children through the LDS Church's Humanitarian Services Department.

 Rice paddies and gardens along the river on the Grafton road.

Wash day at the river on the back road to Grafton.

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