Wednesday, November 21, 2012

 Sierra Leone held their national election on the 17th of November.  Marion Campbell shows off her voter registration card and her inked finger to prove she voted.  Marion has applied to go on a mission and she will be the first 19 year old female missionary from Sierra Leone.  She speaks excellent English.

 Elder Aniabre and Elder Bogh enjoying Sister Lauritzen's chocolate cake at the Freetown East District Conference.

 Left to right, Elders Walker, Woodhead, Serafine and McDonald.  Elder McDonald says, "Hi, Mom."  They have had trouble with the internet staying up at their Waterloo internet cafe so there have been no emails to home for two weeks.

 President and Sister Roggia.  They gave great training at our conference.

 The assistants, Elders Barth and Appleby hovering over Sister Lauritzen's cake.  The few extra slices never made it home.  Where did they go?

 The sisters:  Sister Lauritzen and Sister Roggia.

 The whole Freetown East District.  Great young men ... every one!

Freetown East District High Councilman, Brother Moses, showed up after our conference.  He was one of the first five Sierra Leoneans baptized at Lumley Beach in Freetown almost twenty years ago.

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