Wednesday, June 27, 2012

 Sister Lauritzen wanted a picture of me with the sheep that live at the top of the hill but they started walking away from me.  I stepped on the rope tied to one of the sheep and they all stopped.
 These pictures are from our morning walk toward Leicester Peak about a mile up the road from the mission home.
 This morning we walked with Elder and Sister Randall ... very nice people from Fairview.  They were a little concerned for their home because of the wildfire and the evacuation of the town.
 Looking down at the coastline from Leicester Peak road.  That's the usual morning mist you see hovering over Freetown.
 The mountains here are made of red clay and gray boulders.  The locals break up the boulders with sledge hammers and make gravel to sell.
 Much of the area is under construction, but nothing ever seems to be progressing.  This is a small example of the stick scaffolding they use.  The sticks are available everywhere and they use them to build their shacks.
 The wall at the right is on the uphill side of our compound.  We have to go around it to get to the gate.
Sister Lauritzen is knocking at our compound gate.  The guard window is above her head.  On the other side of the valley you can see part of the U.S. Embassy.  Things are a bit nicer in their neighborhood than they are in ours.  When we back our van out of the gate we have to spin our wheels a bit to get up to the corner.  It's steep!

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