Saturday, June 30, 2012

 Kissy chapel five miles east of Freetown

 This was a break in the very rainy weather

 This shows the baptism seating and the water catch basins between the main chapel and the side buildings

 The font is behind the doors.  We had to move our chairs because the rain was pouring down and blowing in on us.  We had six convert baptisms today.  The mission gets enough baptisms to create a new branch every month.  They need leaders.

 The main chapel.  The windows are all louvered so they can let the breeze blow through.  There are ceiling fans when there is no breeze.  Sister Lauritzen and I gave training on branch missionary responsibilities.

This is the road from Kissy chapel to Freetown.  It took us two hours to travel five miles.

The road from Kissy to Freetown looks like this the whole way.  Everyone is selling something.  Walking vendors tap on your car window and try to sell ... cookies, bread, phone chargers, car floor mats ... everything.

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