Friday, December 6, 2013

Bats Over Freetown

Elder and Sister Schlehuber served two years in Bo. They went home to Sun City, Arizona on the 3rd of December. The missionaries in Bo loved them and we will all miss them.

  On the way to the office this morning we had to wait for a construction crew. They are pouring a new retaining wall alongside the road in front of the mission office. For now the road is too narrow for two-way traffic but that doesn't stop anyone.

 There will be stairs leading from the office to the mission home.

 The stone path in front of the office has been replaced.

 This is Sister Roggia's step (that she never got to use).

 New paths and a stone wall around the new mission home compound.

 The mission home is progressing ... slowly.

 These kids are my buddies. I swing them around by their arms and they love it.

 The kids and their mothers. They wanted a "snap".

 We were amazed when we saw the sky fill with birds. "Holy flying mammals, Batman". Those aren't birds. Those are bats.

In every direction and as far as we could see the sky was filled with BIG bats.

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  1. Would you add your bat photos as a citizen-science observation to the AfriBats project on iNaturalist?:

    AfriBats will use your observations to better understand bat distributions and help protect bats in Africa.

    Please locate your picture on the map as precisely as possible to maximise the scientific value of your records.

    Many thanks!

    PS: these are straw-coloured fruit bats (Eidolon helvum)