Monday, November 4, 2013

P day haircuts


 It's Monday and that's P day. We usually have one or two elders come into the office for a haircut. Elder Bogh just wanted a trim. I trimmed off about 2 pounds.

Elder Eshun pointed to his nearly bald companion and said, "I want to look like him." He said, "It's hot and my head needs air."

Bomba (on the right) and his friends are always asking for new a football. Today they settled for a picture.


  1. They are too warm and want air for their heads. We are freezing. The temperature at my house right now is sixteen degrees. Snow is forecast. I hope you are enjoying your warmth.

  2. If we send you money, can you buy soccer balls somewhere for all those kids? I could send actual balls through Amazon, but they'll cost about $20 each, delivered. I suspect you might be able to come by them a lot less expensively there? Let me know.