Saturday, October 12, 2013

Walka Walka

 Elder Narteh's last day. He is going to finish his mission at home due to medical reasons.

 As we went for our walk today we met Aminatu along the way. She was picking leaves used for a toothache remedy. She didn't know what the plant was called.

 Two girls on their way down the hill to the stream to get water.

 This is Bomba, the village bouncer. He wants a soccer ball for the village boys.

 Friendly neighbors in Bomba's village always say hello and want to talk.

 We walk this road frequently for exercise.

 It's bath time and supper time. The girl with the pole was mashing peppers (peppay) and onions to cook and serve over rice.

 This family was preparing an herbal tea for malaria. We ran into four people with malaria on our walk. I guess the end of the rainy season must be malaria season. He is an unemployed driver. Their house was very clean.

 The kids along the way want to twirl.

 I like the Tarzan outfit.

The shirtless man on the right is the community chairman and it appeared the others were the village elders. They wanted financial help for their community.

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  1. What a different world you are in. I was not surprised that you were a "twirler". That was one of Dad's favorite devices to entertain his grandchildren.

    Thank you so very much for continuing to share with us.