Monday, June 3, 2013

Elder Richards ... a great young man from Jon's neighborhood. We love his energy and his sense of humor.

Super P-day for the Freetown Zone at the beach. The theme for the year is "Leading as the Savior Led".

The whole zone is lined up for a snap shot of them jumping.

Sister Roggia snapped us as we tried to jump like the young missionaries.

Old man on the beach. It's been a year since we last spent time here.

President Roggia (Army) and Elder Lauritzen (Air Force) talking military strategy.

President and Sister Roggia ... They kinda like each other.

We watched this crew hauling in their nets on the beach. They showed us the fish they caught. There was a tiny red snapper, a lobster, a "swamp fish" that looked like a catfish, some shrimp and a bunch of others. The fellow squatting on the right was trying to talk to us in broken English. I asked the fellow on the left in blue shorts who spoke very good English what the other man said. He said, "I don't know. It was nonsense". He was probably saying we look like tourists and asking if we want to buy his fish?

Markus, Elder and Sister Kanzler.

Sister Lauritzen was playing with the camera.

Sister Lauritzen is always having fun. Today was no exception.


  1. Love this post! So good to see all of the people we love! Looks like a really fun day! Sure missing our association with all of you and the missionaries.

  2. Yes- love this post, what a mile stone a being there a year. Looks GREAT!!!