Saturday, May 18, 2013

 President and Sister Roggia disembarking from the hovercraft. The hovercraft had engine problems and couldn't make it all the way up onto the beach so it is stuck half in the water and half out and people had to come out the front and go down a ladder.

 New sister missionaries bravely coming down the ladder.

 Eleven new missionaries with President and Sister Roggia and the two assistants.

 One of the mission home guards caught this young bush pigeon and asked Sister Lauritzen if she wanted it. She kindly declined. We asked how he caught it. He said he chased it until it got tired.

 A carpenter adjusts a piece of baseboard for the new porcelain tile floor in the mission office. He actually has a plane.

 Sister Lauritzen showed the painter how to keep paint off of the floor by using an old file folder.

Here's how you tile a floor in Sierra Leone:
1. Bring in mountains of sand
2. Add a sack of portland cement
3. Stir with a shovel and spread evenly
4. Level with a stick
5. Sprinkle portland cement on top
6. Lay out tiles
7. Pour buckets of water on top
8. Beat tiles with a stick (breaking many of them)
9. Let set overnight
10. Replace all broken and uneven tiles the next day

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  1. It must frustrate you tremendously to stand by and watch how things are done so inefficiently. I think I would have to go do something else until the task was completed.

    Thanks again for keeping us informed about your experience. I hope that the Gospel continues to spread with great enthusiasm.