Saturday, December 8, 2012

 Freetown Zone elders having a Christmas service project.  Cleaned up at a medical clinic.  It was hard, messy work.

 Went for a hike today.  Found this valley of vegetable gardens between the villages of Leicester and Gloucester.  It was like a little Garden of Eden.

 You can see the terraced gardens in the distance.  The rainy season is too wet for these gardens so this time (start of the dry season) is prime gardening time.  March, April and May constitute the "hungry season" when the streams run dry and there isn't enough water for the gardens.

Cornelius asked for "moolah" (Krio for money!) because I was taking a picture of Marlene in front of a neighbor's garden.  I told him I wouldn't pay him for taking a picture of my wife.  He said "okay".  We visited with him and he showed us his garden ... spring onions, sweet potato leaves, kassava, lettuce, parsley and pole beans.  He was listening to a British football (soccer) match on his radio.  He said I could have his picture, "no charge".  We also talked with a young woman named Zanab who was putting real nitrogen fertilizer on her garden along with fire ash.  She said she was putting herself through business college with the proceeds from her garden.

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